Got kids curious about writing music? Have them come join us at the Go Compose Festival in August! (From wherever in the world you are: all workshops are online!)

I am so excited to be on board as a woodwind artist for this wonderful program and I can’t wait to hear what the kids come up with! I’ll be working with the Mini Camp kids on August 6th and the Choose Your Own Adventure Camp on August 11th-13th.

Go Compose North America offers workshops for children aged between 11-18, helping kids find their own way to create using traditional notation, graphics, narrative and any other means that makes it possible for ANYONE to compose their own music. Professional composers, instrumentalists and singers work with participants every step of the way, which means that kids get to hear their music as they compose it and get mentoring for experienced creators whenever they need it! Plus, there is no requirement to be at a certain level in your musical journey. Scholarships are available too! You can listen to some of the amazing works the participants have composed and register on their website: www.keepcomposing.com

UPDATE: August 20: If you’d like to hear what the Mini Camp kids wrote for us, check out the Facebook Live video of their pieces: